Baomarc, Problem Solver Company
for the automotive industry
(passenger cars and utility vehicles)

Baomarc Group is a reliable partner for the automotive and utility vehicles industry who is able to develop and manage complete production processes for steel and aluminium single components and assemblies for all types of vehicle: from product development to prototyping, manufacturing of pre-series and mass-production.
We conduct all engineering and development activities jointly and in agreement with the Customer (Co-Design and Co-Engineering) and our primary goal is to improve quality and to reduce the product costs.
Experiences in Product engineering and availability of reliable machineries, designed and built by Subsidiaries of the Baomarc Group, allow us to operate globally and to meet any requirement of our customers.

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What we do

Baomarc develops, designs and produces vehicle components and assemblies obtained from strips, tubes, extruded profiles, roll formed profiles or stamped parts with variable cross section and in different materials.
Through a perfect synergy among the Companies of the Group, we are able to secure organization and management of all the phases of the product completion, from the vehicle study to the production of its components and to guarantee a smooth start of production in very short times.
Baomarc develops, designs and builds the machines and tooling for its main production processes (Roll-forming, 3-D Stretch-bending, Milling, Assembling by Welding and other Joining Techniques).


Baomarc Automotive


Engineering, design, production of both steel and aluminium single components and assemblies for any type of vehicle.

Roll Forming Process


For processing of our products, we have our own tooling and equipment, designed and built by the Group Companies.


Baomarc’s policy is to design and build in house both individual tools and complex fully integrated production lines and then transfer them to the production sites worldwide.

Why Baomarc

  • The ability to manage all the process phases in-house, the ability and the skills to process any type of material.
  • Our possibilities: from product engineering/design to production; direct procurement from the producer; design and building of tooling and machinery in-house.
  • Geographic flexibility, settlement with “project factories”, deliveries just in time.
  • Internal Know-how, high-level skills.
  • Continuous technical and technological innovation.
  • Lean and flexible organizational structure; rapid and streamlined decision-making.
Reasons why someone should choose Baomarc
Reasons why someone should choose Baomarc
Baomarc Argancy Plant

Competitive Objectives and Processes

Quality of processes

Quality of processes and elimination of those activities that do not create any added value to the Customer are the objectives pursued by the BAOMARC Group in order to assure excellence in the quality of its products.

Technologic added Value

Technology and process innovation count for the development, design and product execution. We do not want to limit our technologic progression to new and more performing machines and tools. Instead, we adapt and vertically integrate the new technologies in one sole production line minimizing, thus, logistics in the plant in the aim of creating constantly more added value to the mass production for our customers.

MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Due to the complexity of the productions, we have set as main objective a stringent management and control of:

  • production resources and performances;
  • data collection and automatic interface with the machinery to monitor efficiency;
  • traceability of products and processes;
  • working progress;
  • dispatching of the production plans.

WCM (World Class Manufacturing)

A rigorous and integrated production methodology extended to the whole production organization (all processing phases, processes and distribution) is a strategic choice that has become a corporate comprehensive business philosophy BAOMARC will pursue in the future with the aim of a continuous improvement. In short, this will result in low investments and in a full saturation of the production means capacity.

Baomarc's Objectives
Baomarc's Objectives

We have worked and work with
major Carmakers worldwide

Baomarc worldwide

Alfa Romeo, Audi, Chrysler, Dacia, Ferrari, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Ford, Hyundai, Iveco, Jeep, Lancia, Maserati, Nissan, Porsche, Renault, Scania, Sevel, Tata, Tiberina.